Simply irresistible

Mug Simply Irresistible

Two years ago I took a picture of this mug. I placed the picture on Facebook with the description "Do I need say more?" A little bit weird, when you consider that I absolutely do not find myself irresistible.

I take selfies not only just for fun, but also to see for myself if it is really true what some people say about me: "You look good!" Or "You are handsome." And "I wonder why you still do not have a girlfriend." It may sound strange and it has nothing to do with narcissism or anything like that, but taking selfies works a kind of therapeutic for me. To temper my inferiority complex, maybe?

You know, I can look at my selfies or stay in front of the mirror and talk to myself, saying “I look good”, “I am handsome” and “I wonder why I still do not have a girlfriend". But the problem of an inferiority complex is that I can hardly believe that I look good, or that I am handsome. Starting from my appearance, and especially my face and my eyes, I can imagine that I do not have a girlfriend.

An inferiority complex is the combination of a negative self-image and resulting behaviors. In my case, as a child, I learned that I was worth nothing. I was ugly, stupid and I could not do anything. I have learned to be ashamed of myself. In later years, this imposed self-image has been confirmed in several ways. Even today, I am not worth a wink for a few.

An inferiority complex can lead to loneliness besides jealousy. It creates an excellent breeding ground for even more negativity in your life. Things that can completely destroy your life, like addictions.

Lonely Boy
Photo by Amirmohammad Hosseini on Unsplash

Since 2017 several things happened in my life. Bad things and good things. You know, I see it like this: everything I experience in my life, both good and bad things, work as fertilizer. They are needed to shape me to what I am meant for. As it goes in nature, water and sun must also be added. So that fertile conditions arise. Conditions that offer a different perspective on things that I am so negative about. Like my appearance.

Especially in the past few years my heart has become increasingly important. Not the heart as an organ, but who or what I am. I have to learn to see myself through the eyes of my Creator. I must learn to accept that I am loved by Him. I have to learn to find my identity in Christ. I must learn that I may come to my Father as I am. Just as I am. I do not have to comply with laws and regulations pressing on my shoulders like a heavy religious yoke. I can put everything to my Father. But then really everything! All visible things, but also all invisible things, of which no man has any idea that these are part of my life. I must learn to realize that God has made me with a unique personality, with a specific plan in mind.

So, why should I worry about what others think of me in terms of appearance? Well, I simply put it this way: because I am just a human being. A man of flesh and blood. A man with feelings and emotions. A man with an ego, that occasionally has to be caressed. A man who occasionally craves appreciation. A hug. A confirmation that I may be there. I can enjoy it when people say to me: "You look good!" Or "You are handsome." And "I wonder why you still do not have a girlfriend." I can enjoy it, but hardly believe it.

In Gods eyes you are far more than simply irresistible.

So, what about you? Are you struggling with an inferiority complex? Are you lonely?

Believe it or not, but you are not just the result of a natural process. You do not exist to survive. Even before the foundation of the earth, God already had you in mind, as a unique personality, with a specific plan in mind. Even before your birth, the Lord knew you. You are no surprise to Him, He has wanted you! Read about you and God in Psalm 139, where David says: "You have woven me into my mother's womb … Your eyes saw my shapeless beginning."

Keep this in mind: in Gods eyes you are far more than simply irresistible.